Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Rag Rug?

Hi every one, it's nice to be back again making things, but my other crafts suffer when I am on the stitching bug. lol hey ho. Well I found some Yarn at Hobby Craft. I loved it, it's like T-Shirt material on a roll very easy to use I used a 10mm hook for this rug.

I Didn't have a pattern so I made it as I went along all in the round and although it's not perfect I really like it and I love the texture under my feet (as it's in the bed room) I would like to make one for the bathroom But I would prefer to have a pattern next time I can follow.

I used a treble stitch, here's a close up of how it looks. It grows very quickly obviously, if I had one complaint about the yarn is that it's not always the same thickness throughout and so your project can look different in places ( it did on my rug) it was very thick on the dusty pink nearly all the way through on one ball, but the bright pink was thick and thin in parts on different rolls.

It took just three rolls for this rug £12 as they are 3 for 2 at the moment. Overall I really liked the yarn and I may make another rug & some matching baskets in the bathroom. I hope you can leave a msg so I can also visit you and see what you have been making. There are also lots of stitching blog in my side bar I think are of interest be it sewing, knitting, or crochet have a look around Dxx

Monday, 8 July 2013

Ripple & Granny

Here is Django (the D is silent) with an almost finished project. Yep this is for the back of a sofa (down stairs) so the cats and Django can lie on this and I am not worried. This is Robyn 100% acrylic yarn. It's squeaky when working with it, more so than I thought. I am also nearly finished a Granny square blanket in  the same yarn in shades of pink for the bed.

Yep Django like this one as well lol

Any way I am making some more yummy crochet things at the moment so the granny can go on the back burner again (the weather is so warm I don't need it yet lol) I am excited to be working with some new yarn more about this another time Thank you to Lucy from  Attic24 for the Ripple Pattern very easy to follow and so kind to share. Have a lovely week Dxx

Monday, 1 July 2013

Hexagon Crochet PJ bag

I am a subscriber to a couple of magazines and Simply Crochet is one. I think this pattern is in issue 3 or 4 I have left my mags at a friends house and can't check properly. Any way I used Snuggly from Sirdar in these beautiful bright's I bought from Hobby Craft when they had a special offer on of buy two get one free on all yarn. So I bought a few balls lol I really love the colours and yarn very much and I am really happy with how my very first Hexagons turned out. It shows that as a beginner the patterns in this magazine are really easy to read/understand. Thank you for stopping by and any comments you leave Dxx

Friday, 15 February 2013

Sewing project.

Hello, I am starting a skirt by ' By Hand, London' it's called a Charlotte Skirt this link leads to the sew-a-long, although this has now finished the tutorials are still up and you can still share your finished items. I haven't made many garments and I want to get better so the only way to do this is to make more (mistakes an all) I love the pattern it looks stunning. So today I managed to trace the pattern. I used baking paper, it's cheep and I had it in. Below is a pic of my things already to begin. 

I was determined not to start until I had all the items I needed, including a zip. How hard it was to get a zip? I had to get a 12" instead of the 11" it stated on the pattern as all zips are even numbered now (so I was told). And an invisible zipper Universal Foot I have to thank the lady on this wonderful tutorial on You Tube HERE because if I hadn't of watched this I wouldn't of had a clue about these things (amazing).

Now as I am not so good, (health wise) I made a mistake, silly school girl error really. I didn't have the fabric right side facing DER soooo not thinking straight.  I'd started cutting the pattern out and it was all wrong. I put this to being in a lot of pain as standing tracing and cutting the pattern out was enough for me and I should of stopped there. But I didn't. Anyway, so no ruffle for the skirt (disappointed but can't be helped) I have all the pieces now cut out and I am ready for the next stage I'll share this with you as I go along so pop back again soon Love Dawn xx

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Crochet Mug Warmers

There are some lovely FREE patterns in the 'Simply Crochet' Magazine ( I'm a subscriber)  this is a fantastic NEW mag I just had to have. And these don't take long to make. You can use the yarn you have in. I used some 100% cotton for the greenish one & 100% acrylic for the pink with white fleck. Sadly all my mugs are a funny shape so they don't fit any of them lol but I decided not to let that stop me.

This photo is from google  images so you get an idea what they look like on a mug :)

Hope you're having fun making something today Dxx

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Easy Knit Cardi

I bought this pattern a couple of months ago, I just loved the cardi but I wanted to make it a little longer as I am a large woman and things that focus on the waist are not good lol so my cardi is a few inches longer. I only do easy knits now because I get very sore wrists & fingers, this is why I wanted to learn crochet as it's a lot easier on the joints I feel.

I really liked the red & pink but all the colours in this wool by Sirdar are wonderful and it knits up very quickly as it's a super chunky, 60% acrylic 25% cotton & 15% wool it has every thing I like, colour and ease of knit plus knit quick :) so I don't get chance to get board before it's finished.

You can see this lovely wool up close here in these photos and the wool/yarn is available here to buy. This isn't where I bought mine from, but I just put a link in so you can see for your self the colours & price of the yarn along with the patterns that use this wool/yarn. I hope you like it I love it and think I well may make another one in green shades as I also think when the Spring/Summer comes they will both be so nice to keep the chill off. Let me know if you have knitted anything lately I'd love to see. Dxx

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Reversible tote

Loving this FREE course on craftsy. You can make this yummy reversible tote and a zipper pouch, how cool. I really like the video lessons they suit me down to the ground. They're easy to follow and have all the instructions step-by-step so pop over, I made my bag while watching the lessons, just pausing every now & again. Go have a good nosey round. I altered mine from that of the pattern on the course, just so I could be a little different :0)

And here is the reverse of the bag two for one cool. No idea what make this material is (sorry) I know where I bought it but I couldn't tell you what it's called, although the blue and white is from Ikea, The red & navy (fat quarters) with flowers on are from a wee shop in Frodsham, and the pink? can't remember when/where I got this.  Any way I have been making stuff like mad and loads to show you soon so keep popping back xx