Thursday, 17 January 2013

Reversible tote

Loving this FREE course on craftsy. You can make this yummy reversible tote and a zipper pouch, how cool. I really like the video lessons they suit me down to the ground. They're easy to follow and have all the instructions step-by-step so pop over, I made my bag while watching the lessons, just pausing every now & again. Go have a good nosey round. I altered mine from that of the pattern on the course, just so I could be a little different :0)

And here is the reverse of the bag two for one cool. No idea what make this material is (sorry) I know where I bought it but I couldn't tell you what it's called, although the blue and white is from Ikea, The red & navy (fat quarters) with flowers on are from a wee shop in Frodsham, and the pink? can't remember when/where I got this.  Any way I have been making stuff like mad and loads to show you soon so keep popping back xx


Piarom said...

Wonderful bag and I love that it has two "faces" one red and one blue...greez from Conny
PS the visitors always have to make the entry for this "not robot-thing"
If you don´t want that
look here

Madeleine said...

I've signed up for these courses too - just need to find time to watch them! ^.^

~*~Patty S said...

is there anything you are not good at Dawn!!!

Imagine...WHERE have I been!
not knowing you had more blogs!!!

you are amazing!
not sure which one to link on my T Tuesday post??? ;)