Monday, 8 July 2013

Ripple & Granny

Here is Django (the D is silent) with an almost finished project. Yep this is for the back of a sofa (down stairs) so the cats and Django can lie on this and I am not worried. This is Robyn 100% acrylic yarn. It's squeaky when working with it, more so than I thought. I am also nearly finished a Granny square blanket in  the same yarn in shades of pink for the bed.

Yep Django like this one as well lol

Any way I am making some more yummy crochet things at the moment so the granny can go on the back burner again (the weather is so warm I don't need it yet lol) I am excited to be working with some new yarn more about this another time Thank you to Lucy from  Attic24 for the Ripple Pattern very easy to follow and so kind to share. Have a lovely week Dxx

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