Friday, 15 February 2013

Sewing project.

Hello, I am starting a skirt by ' By Hand, London' it's called a Charlotte Skirt this link leads to the sew-a-long, although this has now finished the tutorials are still up and you can still share your finished items. I haven't made many garments and I want to get better so the only way to do this is to make more (mistakes an all) I love the pattern it looks stunning. So today I managed to trace the pattern. I used baking paper, it's cheep and I had it in. Below is a pic of my things already to begin. 

I was determined not to start until I had all the items I needed, including a zip. How hard it was to get a zip? I had to get a 12" instead of the 11" it stated on the pattern as all zips are even numbered now (so I was told). And an invisible zipper Universal Foot I have to thank the lady on this wonderful tutorial on You Tube HERE because if I hadn't of watched this I wouldn't of had a clue about these things (amazing).

Now as I am not so good, (health wise) I made a mistake, silly school girl error really. I didn't have the fabric right side facing DER soooo not thinking straight.  I'd started cutting the pattern out and it was all wrong. I put this to being in a lot of pain as standing tracing and cutting the pattern out was enough for me and I should of stopped there. But I didn't. Anyway, so no ruffle for the skirt (disappointed but can't be helped) I have all the pieces now cut out and I am ready for the next stage I'll share this with you as I go along so pop back again soon Love Dawn xx

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Crochet Mug Warmers

There are some lovely FREE patterns in the 'Simply Crochet' Magazine ( I'm a subscriber)  this is a fantastic NEW mag I just had to have. And these don't take long to make. You can use the yarn you have in. I used some 100% cotton for the greenish one & 100% acrylic for the pink with white fleck. Sadly all my mugs are a funny shape so they don't fit any of them lol but I decided not to let that stop me.

This photo is from google  images so you get an idea what they look like on a mug :)

Hope you're having fun making something today Dxx