Saturday, 15 December 2012

Cool find

Isn't this a cool find? Well I love them. Vintage sewing patterns are a fave of mine when I see them. The top one is my fave here and only 50 pence each I don't know when I will get round to making any of these beauties, but they are there for me when I get the time. Dxx

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Russian Doll Key ring

This was a lovely quick make, you may recognise it if you buy Mollie Makes magazine I subscribe to this each month and it's a fave of mine because it's so beautifully illustrated and full of fabby ideas. I also now have the pattern to make any number of gifts for the future ;0) Hope you enjoyed this small post. Dx

Monday, 10 December 2012

A very quick Crochet bag

This is from a magazine it's suppose to be in cotton, I did it in 100% Acrylic with a number 4 hook. If I had used a double Crochet instead of a treble with a 3 hook, I think it would of been more the size it was suppose to be. As it is, it turned out so much bigger than the pattern but I like it lots. It needs a lining to stop everything falling out :0) but it only took a few hours and now I have had a practice with some inexpensive wool I may well have a go with pure cotton it will be lovely for the summer don't ya think?

There is a wee sneak peak at another knitting project here (Love that wool). This just gives you an idea what this bag looks like size wise. More about the other knitting project another time.

I was trying to photograph this from above to give you a better view, I just had to share this photo of Rooster (one of my cats) he just looked at this and sat down made himself very comfy, I promptly got him off in a loving way, but I can't put anything down for a minuet! Dawn xx

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Easy knit Jumper

This was wonderful to knit and it fits really well. The wool is Sirdar Escape You can find it Here. It has really nice drop shoulders, which I love and I really like the collar on this pattern as well. This is an old pattern I have had it for years (also by Sirdar) it should have a pattern on the front but as the wool is so busy I thought the pattern would be lost, So made the executive decision to leave it out haha One of the joys of making things your self.

Here is a close up of the wool. Very soft,  has a mix of 51% wool & 49% acrylic so it can be washed in the machine, although I wouldn't wear this jumper without a T-Shirt or some sort of vest underneath to save on the itch factor lol.

As I learnt to crochet this year, I thought I would crochet all the seams instead of darning them, look at the neat finish. Very pleased with this. I hope you  will have time to leave a comment and lead me to your blog, I would love to see what you're up to as well. I have found a few blogs you may like to have a nosey at just click on them (down the right hand side) there is lots of free stuff and buckets of inspiration, have fun Dawn xx

Monday, 3 December 2012

Crochet Hats

Morning all, I was busy this weekend making hats yes two I got done. Having only recently learning to crochet I am pleased with these hats. The first is versatile it can be a beanie like the above photo.

Or you can use the band and it looks like a more 20s style hat, if you get my meaning. This is not expensive wool but you can probably see that. The brand is King Cole and it's 100% Acrylic. There was so much wool left from this 100g ball I made another.

I really like the style of this one lots, but it did need something, so I popped a flower on as well, three may have been nice as well but I do like the overall look. I have tried this one out and hubby wore the other as a beanie. They are very warm and easy to throw in the machine as they are acrylic. I call them my Jaffa Cake hats, because of the colour *smiles* Thanks for stopping by. Dxx