Friday, 15 February 2013

Sewing project.

Hello, I am starting a skirt by ' By Hand, London' it's called a Charlotte Skirt this link leads to the sew-a-long, although this has now finished the tutorials are still up and you can still share your finished items. I haven't made many garments and I want to get better so the only way to do this is to make more (mistakes an all) I love the pattern it looks stunning. So today I managed to trace the pattern. I used baking paper, it's cheep and I had it in. Below is a pic of my things already to begin. 

I was determined not to start until I had all the items I needed, including a zip. How hard it was to get a zip? I had to get a 12" instead of the 11" it stated on the pattern as all zips are even numbered now (so I was told). And an invisible zipper Universal Foot I have to thank the lady on this wonderful tutorial on You Tube HERE because if I hadn't of watched this I wouldn't of had a clue about these things (amazing).

Now as I am not so good, (health wise) I made a mistake, silly school girl error really. I didn't have the fabric right side facing DER soooo not thinking straight.  I'd started cutting the pattern out and it was all wrong. I put this to being in a lot of pain as standing tracing and cutting the pattern out was enough for me and I should of stopped there. But I didn't. Anyway, so no ruffle for the skirt (disappointed but can't be helped) I have all the pieces now cut out and I am ready for the next stage I'll share this with you as I go along so pop back again soon Love Dawn xx


janice smith said...

A sew-along sounds fun...never heard of that. Would love to see your finished piece! Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. I hope you have a great, creative week!

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

It sounds like you're doing really great, there are so many elements to sewing... I had no idea there were only even numbered zippers now. I haven't sewn in ages, but it is good to know. Thank you!

AnnieC said...

Hi Dawn, thanks for your kind comment on my tag and the advice about ARC - Darcy did message me in fact to say the same as you did, so I will definitely be joining in as it sounds like a brilliant idea.
But anyway, glad I found your blog - it looks fab and right up my street. Ilove crochet and it's great that it's so popular now. Haven't done any sewing since my wedding dress a couple of years ago but I'm feeling inspired now - can't wait to see your finished skirt. I'm going to have to check the link out now ... see this it what happens when you start wondering around Blogland, it just draws you in ...... :o)xxx