Thursday, 10 July 2014

Crochet Wave Stitch.


I love it, Wave blanket. This blanket is from Red Heart it's a freebie. We like free patterns and what's even better is there is a free video tutorial (see below)

I have to say I love Mike's video tutorials, I find them really easy to follow and I'm teaching myself to read patterns while I'm watching the videos as well. Sometimes a pattern to me doesn't make sense until I have watched the video. So there's one of my tips, watch a video at the same time as reading the pattern.

These are close ups of my work. I decided to create this with anyone in mind as I plan to try and sell this blanket in the Autumn. (let me know if you're interested) This has a set of neutral colours and so will go with most peoples rooms. It's a decent size for going over the back of a three seater or popping over your legs to keep you warm on those chilly Autumnal nights.

I decided to add tassels as it looked unfinished to me with nothing on the ends. These can be taken off, but I prefer them on. The tassels are a nice mixture of the colours used in the blanket. They are substantial tassel to me and don't feel straggly at all.

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