Monday, 10 December 2012

A very quick Crochet bag

This is from a magazine it's suppose to be in cotton, I did it in 100% Acrylic with a number 4 hook. If I had used a double Crochet instead of a treble with a 3 hook, I think it would of been more the size it was suppose to be. As it is, it turned out so much bigger than the pattern but I like it lots. It needs a lining to stop everything falling out :0) but it only took a few hours and now I have had a practice with some inexpensive wool I may well have a go with pure cotton it will be lovely for the summer don't ya think?

There is a wee sneak peak at another knitting project here (Love that wool). This just gives you an idea what this bag looks like size wise. More about the other knitting project another time.

I was trying to photograph this from above to give you a better view, I just had to share this photo of Rooster (one of my cats) he just looked at this and sat down made himself very comfy, I promptly got him off in a loving way, but I can't put anything down for a minuet! Dawn xx

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Aunty Sue said...

Hi dawn this is lovely long time since a did any of this and then just straight lines and squares but did do lots of knitting. Me thinks I need to find my knitting needles etc