Saturday, 1 March 2014

Pram Cover

I am seeing lots of youngsters with beautiful crochet blankets of all kinds over their babies these days. They are not making them for them selves, they are paying lots of money (well you have to ask don't you?) for them. It's not as though a family member has made them either! Is this something you have noticed?

So I bought this multi 300g coloured ball for £2.99 from Aldi, and look what I got.

Really nice to work with. 100% acrylic but not at all squeaky (if you know what I mean). I really  liked the way the colours changed. I used some left over style craft yarn (another favourite) for the boarder.  I was really pleased with this and SO easy to make no pattern required. I just started a granny and continued until I ran out of yarn! Then added a very simple boarder. Wish I had taken a photo of that now doh! Keep stitching ;)

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